At a Glance

New papers

  • Accepted. The syntactic limits of probe-goal (a)symmetries (with Hedde Zeijlstra). Submitted to Cambridge Handbook of Minimalism. CUP.


Research in progress: 

  • Journal article (under review). A new theory of indexical shift. [draft, PDF]​​​

  • Edited volume (in prep). Glossa Special Collection: The Grammar of Agree(ment) and Reference (with Hedde Zeijlstra).

  • Handbook article (under contract): "Perspectival anaphora in Dravidian". Oxford Handbook of Dravidian Languages. 

  • Journal article (invited, in prep): On the interaction between allocutivity & indexical shift (with Thomas McFadden). For a special issue on Speaker, Addressee, and Social Relation: Allocutivity in Syntax and Semantics. Eds. Miok Pak, Paul Portner & Raffaella Zanuttini.


Recent presentations (reverse chronological):