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Selected Papers (see CV for full list)


  • In Prep                  The syntax of perspectival anaphora in Dravidian. The Oxford Handbook of Dravidian Language

  • In Prep                  On the interaction between allocutivity & indexical shift (with Thomas McFadden).

  • ​Under review       The syntactic limits of probe-goal (a)symmetries (with Hedde Zeijlstra). Submitted                                                     to Cambridge Handbook of Minimalism. 

  • 2018.                Perspective is syntactic: evidence from anaphora. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 3(1):                                  128. 1-40,  DOI:  [PDF]

  • 2018                 Reducing PRO and pro to a single source” (with Thomas McFadden). The Linguistic Review 35 (3,                             GLOW Issue): 463-518. DOI:  [PDF]

  • 2018                 What the EPP and comp-trace effects have in common: Constraining silent elements at the edge”                           (with Thomas McFadden). Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 3(1), 43. 1-34.                                                            DOI:  [PDF]


  • 2017                 The articulated v layer: evidence from Tamil. (with Thomas McFadden). The Verbal Domain: 153-                             178. Eds. Roberta d’Alessandro, Ángel Gallego, and Irene Franco. Oxford University Press.  [PDF]

  • 2016                 Anaphora vs. agreement: a new kind of Anaphor Agreement Effect in Tamil. The Impact of                                         Pronominal Form on Interpretation: 77-106. Eds. Patrick Grosz and Pritty Patel-Grosz. Studies in                             Generative Grammar, de Gruyter, Mouton. [preprint, PDF]

  • 2016                  Perspectival reflexivity and the kol morpheme. Proceedings of Formal Approaches to South                                     Asian  Languages (FASAL) 5: 123-142.  [PDF]

  • 2014                  Making sense of silence: Finiteness and the OC PRO vs. pro distinction. Natural Language and                                 Linguistic Theory 32: 59-85. [preprint, PDF]

  • 2014                 Finiteness in South Asian Languages: an introduction (with Thomas McFadden). Natural                                            Language and Linguistic Theory 32:1-27. [preprint, PDF]

  • 2011                 A phase-based account of the PRO/anaphor distinction. Proceedings of ConSOLE XVIII. [PDF]

  • 2009                DP distribution and finiteness in Tamil and other languages: selection vs. Case” (with Thomas                                  McFadden). Journal of South Asian Linguistics 2:5-34. [PDF]

  • 2006                 Verbal alternations in Tamil: a non-derivational approach. Proceedings of WCCFL 25: 390-398.                                 [PDF]

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