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Perspectival Anaphora

Structure & representation of mental & spatio-temporal perspective | Anaphora, Logophora | Binding vs. antecedence | Features & Agree

                                   Papers and Handouts

Syntax, semantics & typology of indexical shift & monsters | Speech- vs. (other) attitude predicates | "Monstrous agreement" | (Exceptions to) Shift Together | Syntax & semantics of  intensionality | Root phenomena | Perspectival vs. indexical shift | Kaplanian context

                                            Papers and Handouts

 Indexical Shift


Anaphor Agreement Effect (AAE) | Phi-Features and Phi-Agreement | Complementizer Agreement |  Modelling of Agree 

Papers and Handouts                 DFG AAE-Project 

Selective Opacity

Path-based locality | Complements vs. Adjuncts| Islands  | Movement vs. Agreement | Upward vs. Downward Agree | Structure building (checking) | Structure enrichment (Valuation) | Selection 

                                         Papers and Handouts 

 Finiteness, Case & Subjecthood

Case | EPP | Selection and Finiteness | Subject (In)Dependence vs. Overtness | Nominative vs. other cases | Structural vs. Inherent Case 

                                 Papers and Handouts 


OC vs. NOC | PRO vs. pro |Finiteness and case | Fallible Agree| Control as Agree (not Move) | Exhaustive vs. Partial vs. "Proxy" Control | Non-finite modality | Syntax vs. semantics 

                                       Papers and Handouts

Argument Structure

Voice Alternations |  Reflexives vs. Passives vs. Causatives | Structure of v |  Structure of Ditransitives | Middles 



                                 Papers and Handouts 

Syntax of Person

Categories of Person | Privative vs. Binary Person | 1, 2 vs. 3rd Person Anaphoric Person | Person Agreement | Person vs. perspective | Person restrictions (PCC, anaphoric antecedence & -agreement) 

                                        Papers and Handouts 

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