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Thursday 11.15-12.45, Seminarraum H1 5.16, GWZ

The goal of this PhD seminar within the IGRA Graduiertenkolleg will be to equip students with the skills required to conduct top-quality research in linguistics within the international arena. To this end, the course will focus on helping students hone their expertise in (at least) the following areas concerned with the writing, publishing, and presentation of linguistic research.

Course requirements: This course is mandatory for all PhD students within IGRA. Interested MA students may contact the instructor separately. Regular course attendance and active participation are expected.


Topics covered:

  • LaTeX skills: you will be taught the essential skills needed to conduct all your linguistic writing in the                programming language.

  • how to write a top-quality linguistic abstract: you will learn how package your theses and arguments in the most interesting and compelling manner within the assigned page limits and other abstract formatting guidelines.

  • how to write a top-quality (i.e. publishable in a top-tier journal) linguistics paper: what do you include, what do you not include, citation procedures, and most important of all, how do you reason from point A to point B in a clear and logically sound manner.

  • how to present a linguistics talk or poster at a conference: core presentation skills.






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