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Modul 04-006-1001: Logik für Linguisten

donnerstags 15:15-16:45, HSG, HS 6







This course is an introduction to logic with the ultimate goal of understanding how it may be used to understand and derive the formal meaning of natural language expressions. As such, it will serve as a background for an introductory course in formal semantics.


Topics covered:

  • Set theory

  • Relations and functions

  • Logical operators

  • Truth tables

  • Semantic entailments and elementary proofs

  • Predicate logic

  • Introduction to lambda-calculus (if there is time!)


Additional readings:


  • Mathematical methods in linguistics. Barbara H. Partee, Alice ter Meulen and Robert E. Wall. 1993. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.


  • Everything that linguists have always wanted to know about logic but were ashamed to ask. James D. McCawley. 1981. Basil Blackwell, Oxford.




Course Syllabus

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