DFG/AHRC Locality Project

Our research project "Locality and the argument/adjunct distinction: Structure-building vs. structure-enrichment" has recently been funded by the German (DFG) and UK (AHRC) research agencies. This funding will allow me, together with Hedde Zeijlstra in Göttingen, Thomas McFadden at ZAS, Berlin, and Robert Truswell in Edinburgh, and post-docs we will hire to work in Berlin and Edinburgh, to investigate issues of selective opacity as they apply to A and A-bar dependencies across adjuncts and complements. We will use an algorithm of path-based locality which is built on a framework  of clausal structure-building (based on feature-checking under sisterhood) and structure-enrichment (involving a principled dependency between feature-checking and feature-valuation) to derive selective opacity effects, and to understand the nature of syntactic locality more broadly. 

For more information about the project, check out these slides from a mini-course on these issues that I co-taught with Thomas McFadden at the University of Cambridge last year.  [PDF].